Sélection Vaud SA is a Swiss society founded in June 2017 and based in Lausanne, the capital of Canton Vaud.
On the shores of Lake Geneva, tucked between the mountains of Jura and the Alps, the Canton of Vaud is the largest French-speaking region in Switzerland. Situated in the heart of Europe, Vaud is also halfway between the United States and the Far East. The region benefits from Switzerland’s privileged position as one of the most prosperous nations on earth, with a quality of life which is one of the highest on this planet.


Sélection Vaud SA is held by approximately 3’800 family-owned farmers, winegrowers and cheesemakers who in 1920 created the group Prométerre.
Thanks to the preserved environment of the Canton Vaud these families are allowed to create exceptional products. The goal of our company is to carefully search and select the most precious of these products in order to provide the Swiss gourmet food experience to our international customers. To be certain to benefit from our resources with sustainability our organization will stay a small company on the international food market. We will guarantee a fair income for local producers and we consider ourselves as non-profit organization.

Our products are made according to ancestral recipes which assure their unique character specific to our region. In order to preserve all these authentic characteristics up to the consumer’s plate, all the most modern technical measures will be implemented to conserve a perfect product and to support the artisanal manufacturing process. Product safety is our commitment towards our customer.

All our products are guaranteed:

Our finest Swiss products are providing a unique Swiss gourmet food experience to international customers. This will allow each client to discover a new world of flavor and exceptional taste.

Buying our products will be a statement of exclusivity and helvetic lifestyle. 

Our products are consumed for special occasions sharing emotions with friends or family. Our products bring happiness to the life of our customers and they simply stand for quality, security and integrity. They are therefore made for the high-end society which is willing to pay the price for excellence.