Sélection Vaud  is held by approximately 3’800 family-owned farmers, winegrowers and cheesemakers who in 1920 created the group Prométerre. Thanks to the preserved environment of the Canton Vaud these families are allowed to create exceptional products. Sélection Vaud guarantee a fair income to his local producers.

Our farmers respect and take measures to enhance the biodiversity and preserve the beautiful nature of which they are surrounded.

They produce in an ecological and animal-friendly manner.

The Canton of Vaud has lots of grassland used for livestock production. Swiss cows receive healthy food based on grass, crystal clear water and benefit from a great freedom of movement. All around the year, the cows benefit from a regularly outgoing. Even during winter, for some hours, they enjoy walking in the snow which is very good for the hooves health.

The main feed of our cows is grass and hay. Cereals and other ingredients are only given in a limited quantity.

Our cows stay all summer on pastures where almost 1000 different plants are growing. They produce a high nutritional quality milk, which is processed into cheese and other delicious dairy products in the area of origin. This biodiversity in forage is of great importance for the organoleptic and nutritional quality of milk. It’s also the basis of a cheese specialty


Our farmers respect strict hygiene rules and milk quality controls.  The produced milk is guaranteed:

  • Hormone-free
  • GMO-free
  • Free from antibiotic feed additives

The manufacturing and natural maturation processes allow us to offer only lactose-free products and cheese.

Meet Sabine Bourgeois Bach

Sabine Bourgeois Bach works on the family farm in collaboration with her husband Nicolas and his brother-in-law Yves. Beautifully situated, their farm overlooks Lake Geneva. It is located in Carouge in the district of Lavaux-Oron in the center of  the Canton Vaud. Like many Swiss farms, their farms are engaged in a state program aimed at the sustainable use of natural resources. This benefits program encourages modes of production in harmony with nature and respectful of animal life. The herd has 140 dairy cows of Holstein and Montbeliard breeds. The detention system is particularly respectful of the species. Indeed, cows can move freely in a stabling, they have a permanent access to a release area in the open and graze throughout the beautiful season is more than half of the year. In winter they are mainly fed on dried hay and their milk is used for cheese making.

Cows are integrated in an agroecological program that values ​​milk production based on grassland. Heifers for herd renewal are raised on the farm. During the summer, they start on the family summer in the Swiss Prealps in the Gstaad region. In addition to grass production, crops are diverse on the Borgeau farm. Thus a portion of the land is devoted to the cultivation of cereals, rapeseed, potatoes and maize. The farm also serves as a training site. The Bach family trains each year young people who wish to learn the job of farmer. They also welcome students from the Swiss School of Agronomy as well as trainees from all over the world.


Meet Gilbert Christen

Located in Cheseaux-Noréaz and overlooking Lake Neuchâtel (the largest lake in Switzerland), Gilbert Christen and his family enjoy an idyllic lifestyle. Gilbert has been passionately raising “Simmental” cows for many years. Originally from the Bernese Oberland, Simmental is a sturdy, quiet cow that has been appreciated since the Middle Ages for its exceptional milk and powerful musculature. On their heads, still white and ruffled, Gilbert’s Simmental proudly display their short, curved horns. The breeder has made the choice to keep the horns despite the dangers this represents.