In order to create and propose high quality products with authentic characteristics up to your plate, our craftsmen use modern technology combined with artisanal manufacturing process.

Fabrication du fromage de l?Etivaz

Le Grand Pré: The soft cheese manufacturer

Le Grand Pré is a handcrafted cheese factory situated in a small village called Moudon, the heart of Canton Vaud. There are different regional cheese-specialties reflecting the unique and traditional area of Canton Vaud which are produced and refined on-site.

The unique proximity to our producers’ milk
From milk to the matured cheese – all cheeses are produced and situated in Moudon. The proximity to our producers is unique. It ensures preserving all nutritional and all organoleptic qualities of the milk while at the same time respecting the environment.

The handcrafted cheese factory with modern operation
In previous days Moudon became the host of the school for cheese dairy and milk industry of the Canton Vaud. For more than one hundred years this school, established in 1889, produced hard as well as soft cheese.

The ancient unique recipes and the know-how of this school were carefully preserved. Still at the origin of the regional specialties in Moudon, the recipes are produced with the greatest care in a handcrafted cheese factory. The renovation of this factory ensures the modern function and the strict hygiene requirements.

Natural and gourmet products
Through their unique and unforgettable taste and texture, the regional specialty of soft cheese reflects the characteristics of the Canton Vaud. This remarkable texture can only be achieved by a specific method for manufacture and maturation process. This is why all produced cheeses in Moudon are also refined in a special cheese cellar.

Le Grand Pré

Cremo: the Swiss dairy products manufacturer

Formed in 1927 as a public limited company, Cremo is a Swiss company that produces and markets high-quality dairy products in a consistent and sustainable way, in Switzerland and elsewhere in the world.

The business operates in four key fields of activity: fresh products such as milk, cream, yogurt, milky drinks; cheeses; butter; and ingredients. The majority of its shareholders are milk producers. Today, it is the second largest milk processing company in Switzerland.

Strict hygiene regulations
Equipped with ultra-modern facilities, we are in compliance with the strictest international technical and hygiene regulations and use the most up to date technologies.

A dynamic company
Being a dynamic company, Cremo use all the means available to adapt their products, production processes and equipment to the changing needs of the market place. Always focused on the needs and requirements of their consumers, Cremo make special efforts to develop products that satisfy their demands.

Cremo, a responsible and sustainable company

  • Long-term partnerships
  • Responsible towards its internal and external partners
  • Economically sound
  • Respectful towards the environment
Vallée de Joux1

Domaine du Daley

Tradition and quality since 1392
The Domaine du Daley was founded in 1392, making it the oldest commercial entity in Switzerland. It stands on a historic site overlooking Lake Geneva. It is situated in the heart of the terraced vineyards of Lavaux, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Domaine du Daley produces the finest wines according to a philosophy of quality and respect for the environment, working by hand on the vines and in the cellar, with small yields and long maturation times, ranging from 11 to 22 months to improve the wines. All the wines come from the grapes of vines located on the property, matured and bottled on the Estate.

The different Grands Crus are prepared with respect for each terroir and matured in wooden tuns or barrels providing a range of aromas, flavours and structures that we invite you to discover.

Various grape varieties are grown here, such as Chasselas, Chardonnay, Viognier and Sauvignon Blanc. The wines are the result of sustainable farming, including cultivating the soil and harvesting the grapes by hand in order to extract the best fruit possible, allowing each its own unique terroir flavour, all classified as “Grand Cru”.

The ancestral cellar of 1397
The cellar of the old building dates from 1397. There, the different Chasselas are matured in wooden tuns with a capacity of anything from 1,800 to 7,500 liters. The grapes of each vineyard plot are pressed and made into wine separately in order to preserve the distinctive features and character of each terroir for the different selections. The wines are matured there from 10 to 12 months.

Vendanges Morges1

Domaine Kursner

Two brothers and some of the best wines produced in Switzerland
Wines from Domaine Kursner are considered among the best in Switzerland, thanks to the know-how of two brothers, the meticulous production and a respect for nature that allows to benefit from the best the terroir has to offer.

The strength behind Pierre-Yves and Jean-Luc Kursner lies in their complementarity, and that of their wines.

The vineyards are located in Féchy, canton Vaud, part of an area on the slopes of Lake Geneva which is included in the Swiss national register of classified historical sites and countryside. Vaud’s vineyards make up one-fourth of the surface area planted in vines in Switzerland.

The typicity of this terroir is the result of a complete scouring of the soil when the Rhone Glacier retreated. The depth and the level of the Féchy terroir limestone are dictated by the gradient of the slopes, which can be as much as 30 percent.

The wines
Pierre-Yves and Jean-Luc Kursner seek to bring out the character of each terroir by vinifying by vine parcel. There is a great variety of red grapes planted in the Domaine Kursner. The red wines are vinified with a focus on expressing the typicity of each grape variety.

The winery
In March 2009 the construction of a new cellar began which was an important stage in the development of this family business, taken over in 1993 by the third generation. The new site brings together all parts of the domain’s winemaking activity and provides a perfect setting for wine tastings.

With frequent honors at a number of national and international wine competitions, the wine-making excellence of the Kursner brothers is widely recognized. We recommend enjoying our cheese assortment by complementing it with the red wine “Rouge Absolu”. This will ensure your Swiss gourmet experience.

Vendanges à l’ancienne1