Le Rustique

Product description

Le Rustique has a creamy texture; a nutty after taste; and a strong herbal aroma which is not for the timid.


Milk, salt, rennet, lactic ferments

Size (consumer unit) : 90 grams
Packaging material (sales unit) : Plastic tray and cardboard box
Packaging condition : Aseptic
Heat treatment of raw material : Milk pasteurization
Heat treatment of finished good : None
Total shelf life (days ex. works) : 70
Storage conditions : 2°C – 5°C
Fat g/100g : 28
Carbohydrates g/100g : 0.5
Protein g/100g: 21.0
Salt g/100g: 1.2
Alcohol %: 0
Energy kJ/100g: 1393.0

Selling way : Single or 20 units