Le Gourman

Product description

Tender and supple cheese with refreshing and slightly sour aroma. Cheese experts also love it for its very mild and nut flavor.


Skimmed milk, cream, living bacteria, living yeast, rennet

Size (consumer unit) : 100 grams
Packaging material (sales unit) : Plastic tray and cardboard box
Packaging condition : Controlled atmosphere / vacuumed
Heat treatment of raw material : Milk pasteurization
Heat treatment of finished good : None
Total shelf life (days ex. works) : 90
Storage conditions : 2°C – 5°C
Fat g/100g : 25
Carbohydrates g/100g : <0.1
Protein g/100g : 24.6
Salt g/100g: 1.2
Alcohol %: 0
Energy kJ/100g: 1340.0

Selling way : Single or 20 units