A carefully selected range of the finest locally crafted products offered to the most discerning consumers in the world

Swiss cheese

Our cheese range includes :

  • a creamy and smooth as you wish authentic Swiss fondue produced according to the original recipe for “half and half” fondue
  • a traditional and deliciously melting Swiss raclette cheese produced according to authentic methods
  • a selection of some hard, semi-hard and soft-paste cheeses to be tasted cold

Swiss dairy products

Sélection Vaud dairy products are made with Swiss milk according to a specific recipe. High nutritional milk from cows essentially fed with grass is the most important ingredient of the Sélection Vaud dairy products.

Modern technical measures have been implemented to conserve a perfect product for you and to guarantee high quality lactose-free yogurts as well as other delicious Swiss dairy products like the Chai latte.

Swiss wines

Vaud wines

The vineyards of Vaud are spectacular and reflect a great diversity. With a quarter of the Swiss wines produced in the Canton Vaud, it is the second largest wine-producing region of Switzerland. Vaud vineyard distinguishes itself especially by its fresh and fruity white wines. The climate of Vaud is strongly influenced by lakes which create particularly favorable conditions for the cultivation of vineyards. The different soils and microclimate allow for an interesting and amazing variation of flavors in the wines.

Villars – Swiss chocolate

Villars stands for pure Swiss chocolate with different variations on Swiss milk.

    Victorinox – Swiss Chocolate

    The Victorinox Chocolate Knife, a finest premium Swiss milk chocolate filled with a tender melting hazelnut-gianduja, is a delicious indulgence. All above, it imitates the look and the functionality of the original Swiss Army Knife. Unique in taste the Victorinox Chocolate Knife is the perfect treat for oneself, a high point of a lunch and dinner invitation or memorable souvenir.

    Gift baskets

    Surprise your friends and family with an exclusive gift basket of Sélection Vaud.


    Product Catalogue

    If you are interested in more information about our products, you will find our product catalogue below: