Wine and Cheese Tasting is an authentic Swiss experience that will awaken your senses

A wine and cheese tasting is an occasion for discovering subtle agreements and astonishing harmonies. This natural complicity between wine and cheese offers moments of sharing and joy with your friends and families.

The cheese range of Sélection Vaud contains a pleasing contrast of taste, texture and color. We offer you a cheese variety of soft-cheese, semi-hard cheese and hard-cheese. Ideally, they are all served at a temperature of 15 to 20 degrees Celsius on a wooden board or slate plate.

We recommend adding a nice piece of bread (such as a crispy French baguette of a farmhouse bread) or small parboiled potatoes to your cheese.

A glass of white wine from our assortment but also fresh or dried fruits are a great addition to your cheese platter.

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Required ingredients for your cheese tasting (4 people)

Here are some key points for organizing a tasting:

A tasting consists of three to five cheeses, chosen with your personal preference. You should anticipate between 100g and 150g of cheese and a half bottle of wine per person. We recommend offering your guests different types of bread, potatoes and fruits to accompany your tasting.

Cheese-suggestion (400g) :

  • 1 Alpine Heart
  • 1 Alpine Flower or for the more audacious 1 Alpine Rustic
  • 100 g of Traditional semi-hard cheese (= 1 sales unit)
  • 100 g of Swiss Hard cheese, (= 1 sales unit)

Wine-suggestion :

  • The Chasselas Tradition (from the Domaine du Daley)
  • La légende (from the Domaine du Daley)

How to prepare

Here are some basic principles which ensure a successful evening:

  1. Place the white wine early enough in your refrigerator (at least 2 hours before serving).
  2. Take the cheese out of the refrigerator and remove the packaging at least 30 minutes before serving. This will allow the cheese to develop its gentle flavor as well as its smooth texture.
  3. Place the cheese on a wooden board or a slate plate.
  4. Carefully select fresh and waxy potatoes. Gently wash the potatoes. Parboil them until they become tender in the center and keep them warm.
  5. Cut the bread in slices. Choose a crispy bread with a nice crust. Ideally, offer two or three types of bread such as a French baguette, a farmhouse bread with darker flour and a whole grain bread.
  6. Add some fruits to the cheese assortment such as small grapes, apples or pears cut into smaller pieces, dried fruit or peanuts.
  7. Remove the white wine from the refrigerator a couple of minutes before serving and opening it.

How to taste

It is common to start off the tasting with a lighter flavor and then move on to a more aromatic flavor. This applies to cheese as well as to wines. It is particularly important to make a wise decision when it comes to serving the appropriate wine so it harmoniously accompanies the cheese.

We therefore recommend starting off with a mild cheese accompanied by a light wine. We suggest commencing your tasting with a slice of our Alpine Heart cheese, followed by our Alpine Flower and Alpine Rustic, served with the white wine Domaine du Daley “Chasselas Tradition”. This fine and delicate white wine with a lovely mineral character and a delicate touch of citrus fruits and apples will perfectly fit with the soft cheese tasting.

You can then move on to a more pronounced cheese such as the Traditional semi-hard cheese or the hard cheese from Switzerland. To go with these cheeses, we suggest serving a glass of another and a bit more tasteful (corsé) wine of the Domaine du Daley, “La légende”, a dry white wine resulting from a mainly Chasselas assemblage with a hint of Chardonnay.


We wish you a pleasant wine and cheese tasting!



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